An ever-changing collection of some of the most sought after niche luxury fragrances. These scents are made with the best raw materials and made in small batches for love of perfume. The perfumes of dreams, at times light-years removed from anything in existence, others a simple composition impossible to find.These scents like independent movies or small-press books, rather than reflecting popular taste, seduce, delight, inspire. It is our intent to guide our clients to the discovery of their desired fragrance. A scent can reveal or mask aspects of who you are accentuating your individuality and changing based on the occasion. Endless possibilities to create impressions.Our in-store perfume aficionado; “nam nam” has over 35 years of experience and was given her first bottle of perfume at 5; she studied perfumery in Grasse and has worked with many haute lines. An expert in history of modern perfumes, she will help as you find a scent or cocktail the perfect personal scent from combination of favorites you own, and new ones at our store.The best of perfume delights with every inhale.

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