Mahin designs and makes our jewelry. what started out in 1971 as a sublime foray into the design of fine jewelry with plans to create an exclusive jewelry house, has translated into a delightful collection of one of a kind everyday treasures. Destiny is a forceful master; with each year and the growing responsibilities of motherhood and running of business the design house became a distant dream, until Mahin had an “aha” moment: a simple semiprecious collection for her store.Mahin finds the inspiration for these jewels by tuning to her inner and outer landscapes. An avid gardener, Mahin returns after a day spent among her colorful roses, cascading star jasmines and wild crawling lavender paths, to her jewelry workshop where every creative session is started by a meditation to infuse the jewels with a sense of beauty and tranquility. The making of these delicate pieces begins, only to be interrupted by her beloved kitty, Peachy who likes to make design suggestions.Mahin uses crystals for their healing properties, and hopes these treasures remind their new owners of their own beauty and tranquility.Most pieces are one of a kind and can be custom adjusted.

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