Our main make-up line is T.Le Clerc, always the buzz of style mavens, beauty professionals and the professionally beautiful. T. Le Clerc is a complete make-up range, innovative formula using rice to allow for invisible coverage. Highly sterilized, this brand is a favorite recommendation of dermatologists. Catherine Deneuve donned dark glasses to purchase this powder while she was the face of Yves Saint Laurent. Isabelle Rossellini came out in an interview with Town and Country magazine crediting her glowing complexion seen in images for Lancome to Poudre T. Le Clerc!What we LOVE is the lightness of the make-up on our face, the zinc oxide and pure pigment in the formula, the wide range of lip gloss colors, the long lasting eyeliners, the velvet foundations and the fantastic twist mascara. Unlike many brands there are many tailor-maid options for individual complexions, and more than one powder option depending on the desired affect.In addition to T.le Clerc, every now and again we find a unique make-up brand and will include this in our store’s selection for a limited time. We offer make-up lessons and seminars and our staff is trained to help you with the right make-up products and the best make-up artistry techniques.Come in for a complimentary make-up session.

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