Season’s Greetings

Posted on December 23, 2011 by Nam Nam

It has been an exciting and expansive year at Mahin. Kate and Caitie started the year with trips to Manhattan to attend Bumble University and broaden their fashion sense. Caitie returned as the Blow Dry Queen, and Kate after attending advance styling sessions and further one on one’s with Mahin impresses with perfect Updos. We took a great trip to Las Vegas for more education with Oribe last May. He is fascinating as he is fascinated by the world around him. This year theme was Pussy Cat and Alien Beauty. Here is a clip of what we experienced:

The year ended with the introduction of Concen-Straight a formaldehyde free alternative to Keratin Smoothing treatments for shiny frizz free hair from Bumble and Bumble. We are quite happy with the result and thrilled to have found a way to smooth tresses without worries. Mahin and I are quite excited about Kate, Caitie and Laila and their new skills and look forward to to working with them to better serve our clients.

Our world, this world of beauty is a great place with a different lense through which life is viewed, everything must be sublime. Beauty is never sacrificed for function. The goal is to make it practical, beautiful, functional and sensuous. Attention is paid to smallest details to make the grooming experience efficient and pleasurable. …Above all pleasurable, soothing to senses. Lately, I have been bringing my loved ones products from the store for all occasions. It has been a surprising rediscovery of what sets the products in our store apart. The performance of the products is not so surprising, what I find surprising, pleasing, and unexpectedly are the scents and the presentations. On trips with friends as we arrange these little treasures around the sink and in the shower, suddenly our mundane grooming routine is transformed, beautiful bottles and innovative nozzles and sprays. Followed by a cornucopia of scents, textures, creams and gels, as we share and discover delights and try new things from our friends grooming kits. My small secret pleasure these days is discovering a sublime scent on my loved ones as I lean close to serve food, give a hug or make room next to me on a bench and discover scent of something I use myself. Suddenly it is a new scentsation and lovelier as I experience it, as if new, on someone else. I am so happy as I lean over after a long trip or walk to give a friend hug and instead of the usual I am greeted by a lovely, fresh whiff from their hair, or skin. All this just makes life more attractive, people more attractive and being physically close, and touching more attractive. Being polished is work and it makes us better in so many ways.

Happy Holidays everyone and to a great new year.

love and light.
nam nam

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